Cash for junk car is what we do!

If you have a vehicle that no longer works, is expensive to fix, or is in such poor condition that you can’t sell it, your next best option is to get cash for junk car.

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Many people think that a junk car can still be salvaged, thinking that when they have some time and money they will “revive” it, but that almost never happens. It then ends up being a nuisance; full of dirt and dust that only takes up space that may be needed for other things.

The solution to getting rid of that junk car is to sell it and get some money for it. There are hundreds of businesses that are dedicated to buying these type of vehicles, but at Bsmart Auto Junk we offer the best prices in the area. We pick up any make and model the same day.

Can’t move your junk car? We have towing service available. We are specialists in cars that have been totaled or are with or without registration.  Get rid of that headache and get cash for junk car. You call us, we see it, we pay you and we tow it.

Servicing Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley y San Bernardino.

We make sure to take your car to a car recycling center where they remove parts and fluids from the vehicle that can harm the environment. You will have the peace of mind that you did the right thing by selling your junk car to us. There will be no need for you to move or push your car, you only tell us where it is and we’ll immediately go for it.


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We are professionals in buying junk cars and are available 7 days a week. Don’t think about it anymore and don’t let sentimentality for a car that is only giving you problems win. Think logically and earn money by getting rid of it.

We are Bsmart Auto Junk and we are here to serve you!